How to Pick Nail Shapes

While choosing the nail shape, it is necessary that you should know about the various types of options that are present. There are many shapes and varieties of shapes available. The main shapes of the nails are round, square, oval, almond, and coffin. To know the best shape of the nail for you, you should know about the finger shape, nail bed and nail length. You should find a nail shape for your hands, before using any kind of nail make up. Read this nail shape guides.

Almond shaped nails: The almond-shaped nails have a rounded tip and it looks good if you have long nails. The shorter ones do not look that good. This part of the nails looks good in an elongated shape. You should use nude colour paints to make your nails look thin and elongated.

Round shaped nails: If you like to have short nails, then you should go for round shaped nails. It makes your fingers look long and beautiful. The nail beds look wider and the nails look short and healthy. The ladies who can always visit the salon can keep these types of nails. You can use bright colour nail paints to make you look easy and ready for the party at the same time.

kind of nail make up

Square shaped nails: The square shaped nails are good for both short and long nails. The ladies can have this look for longer nails too, and it makes their fingers look slim and the hands beautiful. It makes your nails look narrow and also perfect till the next manicure. Applying the matte nail paint may make your finger look firm and thick.

Oval shaped nails: This type of nails gives your hand a feminine look. It makes your finger look soft and clean.

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