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For an actor, an audition is the first of many steps that go into being in a theatre play or any creative project. Being the first step, it needs to be done well, with good amounts of creative imagination. When an actor has to prepare for theatre audition, he has to be considerate and thorough with his piece. Many actors fall short in their preparation by failing to identify the right skills required for putting them in a better position of getting the role. Some actors have a unique process when they prepare for an acting audition; they may do extensive warmups, or wear a specific shirt, or bounce it off their friends and family.

Here are some tips for auditioning for your next theatre role:

  • Read the play, front and back: Reading the play you are auditioning for is crucial and non-negotiable. Not only is knowing the play important, having a good understanding is needed too, so read the play as many times as you can. You should dig deeper every time you read the play to understand the play and the character. Understanding classic plays can take many reads, as the language can be complex.
  • Practice the piece in many ways: Practicing your piece in many different ways will give you a better understanding on what will be the best way to play the character. Directors want someone who can take the direction well, so being able to perform in alternative ways and showing emotions in different ways is always a good idea. Rehearse your piece with a friend and practice it with them in a number of ways. You won’t know what the director wants from you, so being adaptable is good to increase your chances of getting selected.

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  • Warm up before the audition: Warm up is also an important step before the audition. It helps you have a smoother performance from the get-go. If you are physically, emotionally and vocally prepared it helps you focus well on the character and the play. It also helps you destress, so do a good warm up right before you hit the stage.
  • Dress comfortably and appropriately: The key to being comfortable and calm before the audition is wear something that is comfortable and appropriate. Many people advise to dress for the part if you want the part, which is actually helpful. This does not mean you have to get decked up in the character’s attire, wearing something that is acceptable for the character is enough.

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