Ways to Strengthen Brittle Nails

After using many nail applications, your nails can become weak and thin. Some people have weak nails from birth, their nails get easily broken as they increase in length. Reasons can be any, but breaking of weak nails may feel so irritating. You can use various ways to strengthen brittle nails. And make them strong from the tips of the fingernails.

  • Drink more and more water

Drinking more and more water is the easiest way of staying healthy. To keep your nails healthy and strengthen weak fingernails you should drink more and more water. It may help your nails grow firm and hydrated.

brittle nails

If you stay hydrated along with staying fit you can also take care of your basic beauty. Your skin, hair and nails stay healthy if you are hydrated. So if you want long and strong nails, you should stay hydrated.

  • Use moisturiser

As your skin needs to moisturise, your nails need it too. We keep on moisturising our hair and skin but never get concerned about moisturising the nails too. The dryness of the nails leads to the crack and breakage of the nails.

You should also apply moisturiser on nails while applying it to your hands. Also, use cuticle oil to strengthen weak fingernails.

  • Use gloves while cleaning

While doing various household works, your nails easily break when hit or stuck anywhere. While washing the dishes, or screening the sinks or toilet, it usually happens with all of us. While doing the cleaning works make sure you use rubber gloves.

Not only by hitting, your nails can also be damaged by the chemicals of various products. These chemicals can make your nails dry and weak from the fingertips. The hot and cold water may also weaken your nails.

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