Ribbon Braid Hairstyle

Braids are the most beautiful and simplest one among all the hairstyles. A long braid looks the most elegant in any type of dress. Wearing a ribbon on the braids can simply add beauty to your hairstyle. In this article, you will find how to attach your braids with ribbon. Here are a few steps of how to make a ribbon braided into braid.

  • Make a ponytail – make a high long tale using a medium-sized rubber band.
  • Attach a ribbon – Add a ribbon to the rubber band and make sure that the ribbon you are using is longer than the usual size of your ponytail. Add it to the inner side of the pony tail. Leave the little tail inside so that it doesn’t come out.
  • Take a small part of hair from below: After attaching the ribbon properly, take a small part of the hair and move it under the pony tail.
  • Make a braid of that section which you have separated from the pony tail.
  • Drape it around the ponytail – After making a small braid, drape it around the ponytail. Secure it using the pins. Also drape a little piece of the braid with a ribbon.

  • Make two small braids – Make two small braids using the hair from the pony tail. From both the sides of the pony tail use hairs, two make two braids close to each other. Make a braid till the very end.
  • Drape the extra ribbon – Drape the remaining ribbon around the braid and then cut the left piece. Tie it after making the whole ribbon braid hairstyle.

These steps will make your ponytail simply elegant by draping a ribbon around the braid. Using these steps you can make a clean braid.

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