Types of Makeup Brushes

We all like doing makeup, and look more beautiful than we are. They are many makeup types of equipment and makeup that we are not so aware of. We all have an idea about the basics of makeup but know the correct and detailed one. Like starting from the face makeup, we need to apply primer, foundation, concealer and highlighter. Most of us do it with a single brush from primer to highlighter. There are various types of makeup brushes and each one of them has their own purposes. So before learning how to apply makeup, you should also know about the list of makeup brushes.

  • Concealer brush: It is just like a paintbrush but dense and stronger than the paint brush bristles. This brush can be used to apply concealer under the eyes, and to apply the eye shadows.
  • Lash or brow brush: The lash or brow brushes are just like the brush giin the box of mascara. It is like a curl used to shape the lashes and the brows.
  • Flat eyeliner brush: The eyeliner brushes are flat and not so dense. They are a little hard so that while applying your eyeliner don’t get spread. And also helps to give a good shape.

types of brushes

  • Foundation brush: There are various types of foundation brushes, because it completely depends on the type of foundation, which brush will be suitable for you. While getting an airbrush makeup you need to have a good brush to mix up your foundation. Depending upon your type of foundation you can use a brush, blender or hands.

In this article, you will find a small guide to makeup brushes. It will help you to know about the purpose of various types of brushes used while applying makeup.

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