Excerpt from CBS Minnesota’s coverage of the Images of Africa Film Festival

Finding Hillywood (Nov. 18 at 7 p.m.; St. Anthony Main Theatre)

What does one do after genocide? After one’s mother, along with 20 percent of the population, is murdered? How does one move on without forgetting? The answer, for Ayuub, is to make movies. Finding Hillywood, a documentary on the budding Rwandan film economy, follows the actor and filmmaker as he stages the festival that brings cinema to the Rwanda’s rolling countryside. Hillywood, get it? While stylistically the doc breaks no ground, the subject matter and the people featured are as compelling as, say, the origins of German New Wave. We meet filmmakers, like Ayuub, who are now helping to harvest a whole new crop of directors and actors. We also meet a young woman in the industry who’s directing: an act in and of itself that’s changing social norms. Clocking in at only an hour long, the film leaves you curious at what art these men and women, many of whom have lived through hell, can create. As money continues to flow toward incarnated comic book heroes in our culture, here’s to hoping that Rwandan cinema finds it roots, its financial footing and that movie screenings next to mass graves can prompt healing, change. —Sharp